Alternative Provision Programme

Tackling Minds uses the power of fishing to inspire, engage and educate hundreds of people every year.

As the leading mental health and wellbeing angling organisation in the UK, we have excellent reputation for our pioneering educational work with children, young people and their families. 

Tackling Minds works using pioneering AQA accredited angling education programmes.

As a result of our strong relationships, unique expertise, and outstanding educational track record, Tackling Minds is experienced in working with schools and education providers throughout the UK but also the freedom to work across age groups and with other (like minded) organisations.

Tackling Minds’ approach to education is innovative

we think outside the box, take risks and work in partnership to provide a safe, inspiring and encouraging environment to develop learning pathways that are as individual as the young people we work with.


Our programmes are accredited by AQA. The awards are designed in 3 units each consisting of 4 sessions per unit.

They are delivered by qualified licensed angling coaches and are designed to give support to the development of young people’s self-esteem, confidence and achievement.

We provide an alternative learning experience in a calm, friendly, safe and healthy environment. They enable anglers in all disciplines to develop at their own pace but with recognition of their efforts at each stage.

No one young person learns in the same way. We use angling as a springboard for pupils to understand the basics of education in an exciting and individual way, whilst offering a healthy outdoor hobby that can last a lifetime.

By using fishing as a medium, it allows young people to understand the basics of geography, english, science and mathematics – weights, measures, geometry.

We open up a world of aquatic conservation and preservation beneath our rivers, lakes and streams. They give an integrated approach to achieving awards that provides the connection between a practically acquired skill and an understanding of the environment in which the learned skills can be utilised.

At each of the levels, the units offer a mixture of classroom based learning opportunities and very hands on approach to developing angling skills.


  • Social and emotional aspects of learning are addressed throughout the programme using evidence based methods.
  • Person centred initial assessment to identify needs, strengths and goals.
  • Trauma informed practice to promote secure attachment, resilience and self-regulation.
  • Potential challenging behaviour addressed before it arises by striving to meet the needs of each young person.
  • Strength based practice to enable each young person to succeed and to promote wellbeing.
  • Restorative approach to resolving conflict.
  • High expectations for behaviour.
  • Developing skills such as self-awareness, motivation, empathy, self-reflection, personal and collective responsibility.
  • Robust tracking and monitoring.

Bespoke Programmes

As all of our programmes are bespoke and designed according to need, we are unable to describe a typical programme but all would usually fit in to one of the group size categories below:

1:1 Provision
for young people who may be in crisis or in need of additional support for a specific period of time or on an ongoing basis.

Small Group Provision
typically 3-6 young people from different schools with similar needs or level of support required. Social grouping is very important with small group work in order to create a conducive, safe environment for learning.

Group Provision
typically 8 – 12 students from the same school with similar needs. Most successful as an early intervention and for students who are motivated by sport and outdoor activities.

The Next Steps

  • Education Providers to identify pupils who would benefit from this offer and complete an initial referral.
  • Induction process including initial person-centred assessment.
  • Groups created based on abilities and needs.
  • Lines of communication between Tackling Minds, education providers and parents/carers established to enable the success of the programme.
  • Formal SLAs with education provider on pupil numbers.

Our Commitment

Throughout all we do, the following core values are exhibited by everyone connected with Tackling Minds and are at the heart of our Alternative Provision offer:

Committed – Fair – Impactful – Sustainable – Inclusive – Passionate – Quality – Honest

All schools, education providers and other agencies are invited to refer pupils who they feel would benefit from an alternative education offer with Tackling Minds. For more information, download our brochure or contact us at